Closing the Gap for Indigenous Australians - Northern Territory - Promoting law and order 

Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)

Key Elements

The Australian Government has committed $11.6 million to fund ongoing activities resulting from the changes to alcohol and pornography laws in the Northern Territory (NT) and support increased police presence in remote communities.

Funding will also enable the Government to continue to support the NT Police in managing the deployment of Australian Federal Police to remote communities and will support the additional 18 police stations created as part of the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER).


This measure is designed to ensure the protection of Indigenous children as part of the Australian Government's response to the Little Children are Sacred Report.

The measure provides ongoing assistance for activities linked with changes to alcohol and pornography laws in the NT including licensing, development of alcohol management plans in Indigenous communities and community education.

Effective remote policing requires a range of infrastructure and services which are being managed or supplied by the NT Police. The measure includes some costs of the NT Police in the deployment of 66 additional Australian Federal Police to the NT. Included are uniforms and equipment, support for temporary infrastructure and logistic support. Funding does not include salary or related costs for NT police stationed in remote communities.


This is a one year continuation of the measure.

Total Government Funding

The Australian Government has committed total funds of $11.6 million in 2008-2009. Further activity will be informed by the outcomes of the NTER review later this year.

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