Closing the Gap for Indigenous Australians - Northern Territory - Leadership and coordination 

Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)

Key Elements

The Australian Government has committed $32.4 million in 2008-09 for continuing implementation of the activities associated with the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER). This funding also supports these activities through providing logistical support (for example, information technology and communication equipment) and administrative support.

The measure will provide for a community capability fund which can be used by Government Business Managers for practical responses to the needs of local people, particularly in the areas of environmental health and safety.

The measure will also provide funding for monitoring these measures and a 12 month review of the NTER later this year.


This measure provides funding for the Taskforce and Operations centre, which oversees the on-the-ground implementation, coordination and management of the NTER activities. It also funds related administrative support costs (for example, legal and telecommunication costs, and financial management).

The remote location of many of the NTER activities means that Australian Government employees require substantial logistical support including information technology, communications equipment and motor vehicles.

The community capability fund allows Government Business Managers to respond practically to local needs in prescribed remote communities. Nearly $10 million has been committed to date to assist communities. Funding has generally focussed on essential maintenance and repairs, such as fencing around childcare centres and children's playgrounds. However, funds have also been provided for health related projects such as the re-establishment of a fruit and vegetable garden, a community prevention and treatment program to deal with scabies and lice, the purchase of community garbage trucks and a truck to deliver fuel to a local community power station.

The whole of government reporting and strategic planning of activities in the Northern Territory is essential to ensuring that resources continue to be efficiently allocated, coordinated and planned. These activities are independent of the 12 month NTER review which will be undertaken later this year.


The measure is a continuation of funding for existing services.

Total Government Funding

The Australian Government has committed total funds of $32.4 million in 2008-2009. Further activity will be informed by the outcomes of the NTER review later this year.

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