Indigenous liaison pilot program for the Family Court of Western Australia 

Portfolio: Attorney-General's



Why is this important?




  • This pilot program will improve the delivery of family law services and access to justice for Indigenous families in Western Australia.
  • The program will improve access to counselling and mediation for Indigenous families in conflict and improve family law services to Indigenous communities.
  • The pilot program is needed to address serious issues of family breakdown in Indigenous families. This issue was reported on in the Western Australian Government's 2003 Gordon Inquiry, which highlighted an overrepresentation of Indigenous Australians in the criminal justice system.
  • The funding will enable the Family Court of Western Australia to engage two Indigenous liaison officers to assist Indigenous families to access the court's services, assist in dispute resolution services, consult with indigenous communities and assist the court to tailor services when cultural issues are identified.




Who will benefit?




  • The program will benefit Indigenous families undergoing family breakdown, or engaged in family dispute, and those involved in the family law process.




What funding is the Government committing to the initiative?




  • The Australian Government will provide funding of $0.7 million over three years to the Family Court of Western Australia.




What have we done in the past?




  • There has not previously been a service of this kind, specifically for Indigenous families, available in the Family Court of Western Australia.




When will the initiative conclude?




  • This funding will terminate on 30 June 2010, with comprehensive evaluation being undertaken in the third year.


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