Closing the Gap - Torres Strait Major Infrastructure Program

Closing the Gap - Torres Strait Major Infrastructure Program

Torres Strait Regional Authority

Key Elements

The Australian Government will provide $29.0 million over three years for Phase B of the Torres Strait Regional Authority’s (TSRA) Stage 4 Major Infrastructure Program (MIP4).

MIP4 will provide for reticulated sewerage projects on Hammond, Badu and Poruma Islands; eight water treatment and storage projects on several islands; a regional community roads and drainage project; a regional asset/infrastructure sustainability project and a regional planning project.


The Torres Strait MIP has been running efficiently and effectively for 10 years, with direct administration of funding by the TSRA in conjunction with a joint management committee. The Queensland State Government has committed matching funding for MIP4.

The MIP’s major objective is to improve the health and well being of Torres Strait Indigenous people by providing essential appropriate and sustainable environmental health infrastructure.

The MIP makes a significant contribution in health, employment, training and economic development outcomes.


Phase B of MIP4 will be implemented over 2 years, with allowance for a third year to finalise all projects.

The existing MIP funding model (i.e. direct grants to the TSRA from the Queensland and Commonwealth Governments) will continue as it is the most effective, efficient and appropriate way to address the urgent and significant environmental health needs of the Torres Strait region.

Total Government Funding

$29.0 million over three years.

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