2008-09 Budget: Carer Bonus 

Key elements

A one-off lump sum bonus payment of $1,000 will be paid to carers who receive:

  • Carer Payment
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Carer Service Pension
  • Wife Pension and Carer Allowance
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Partner Service Pension and Carer Allowance.

A one-off lump sum bonus payment of $600 will also be paid to Carer Allowance recipients for each eligible care receiver.

A person must be receiving a qualifying payment or have made a claim for the payment on or before Budget night, 13 May 2008.

Bonus payments will not be taxable for income tax purposes nor treated as income for social security or veterans' affairs purposes.

The Rudd Government recognises the invaluable role of carers in our community, and the personal and financial pressures they face. We are currently examining ways of providing greater security to carers.


The Australian Government recognises the extraordinary efforts of our carers. Around 606,260 bonus payments will be paid to carers.


Payments will automatically be made by Centrelink before the end of June 2008.

Total Government Funding

$428.1 million.

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