2008-09 Budget: Ageing Carers - additional support 

Key elements

$100 million will be provided in 2007-08 to State and Territory Governments to support older carers through accommodation for their children with disability.

This funding will provide assurance to people with disability whose older carers are no longer able to care full time for them.

The extra $100 million in funding for the Rudd Government will provide for up to 35 new facilities accommodating up to six people each.

These new accommodation facilities will be supported on an ongoing basis by the transfer of $900 million into the Commonwealth State Territory Disability Agreement (CSTDA) currently being renegotiated. These funds will be matched by the states and territories and will deliver $1.8 billion for disability services.


The Australian Government provides funding to the state and territory Governments under the CSTDA for the planning and management of supported accommodation.

This initiative forms part of the Government's commitment to people with disability and their older carers. The measure will help address the concerns of older carers about what will happen to their son or daughter when they are no longer able to care for them.

The funding will build on the Government's commitment to carers of people with disability through the Better Support for Carers measure.

This funding also signals the commitment of the Government to work collaboratively with the states and territories to meet unmet need for disability services and put an end to the blame game.


The measure will be funded through bilateral agreements with State and Territory Governments under the umbrella of the CSTDA.

Total Government Funding

$100 million for 2007-08.

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