Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey (HILDA) - extension of data collection 

What's New?

The Australian Government will provide funding to extend the collection of HILDA data for a further four years.

This will ensure that HILDA continues to provide information that helps researchers and government to better understand people's past and present circumstances to help develop policies and programs that improve people's lives.

The Government will benefit from the continuation of HILDA through the useful long term information it can provide on changing trends in Australian households in respect of employment status and history; current and past incomes; family relationships; health and financial status; housing, education and retirement intentions.


HILDA is groundbreaking and unique among Australian datasets as the only longitudinal survey that is representative of the whole Australian population. Information is collected annually from approximately 7000 households on a broad variety of topics, this data is then made available for analysis and research into issues which impact on the lives of all Australians. HILDA data has been available for use by researchers since 2003.


Planning for collection of the ninth year of data will commence in 2008, with the data available for analysts from 2011.

Total Government Funding:

$20.9 million over four years.

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