Fraud and compliance - transfer of death registration information 

What's New?

The Australian Government will improve the efficiency and the integrity of the Centrelink identity register by introducing a daily electronic transfer of death registration data from state and territory Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages to the Department of Veterans' Affairs and Centrelink.

The measure will help ensure payments to customers cease as soon as possible after death, minimising or preventing debts and reducing unnecessary intrusion on grieving relatives. This measure will also allow people who are eligible for bereavement payments to receive their entitlement in a more timely manner.


Monthly data exchanges of death registrations have been provided to Centrelink since the 1997-98 financial year. Under these arrangements, income support payments could continue if Centrelink was not advised about a customer's death. This measure will improve the efficiency of bereavement processing.


The measure will commence on 1 July 2007.

Total Government Funding:

This measure is expected to lead to a net saving of $20.6 million over three years.

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