A Better Future for Indigenous Australians - Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children - continuation 

What's New?

The Australian Government will conduct a targeted longitudinal survey from 2008 to 2011 that collects bi-annual waves of data about Indigenous babies under 12 months and four- to five-year-old Indigenous children. This data will be collected from 1,650 families in 11 areas that cover urban, regional and remote communities.

The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC) will provide information on early childhood experiences that can be used to design programs and policy that lead to better outcomes for Indigenous children.

The study will track changes in individual children over time, looking at such areas as health, learning, family, culture and involvement with services.


LSIC supports the Government's commitment to improving outcomes for Indigenous Australians and its focus on early childhood development.
The Longitudinal study will build on the work completed to date and will support analysis of pathways of child development and look at the impact of policy and program changes during the data collection period. Research institutions and governments will also be able to use the data.


The study will begin in early 2008

Total Government Funding:

$12.0 million over four years

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