A Better Future for Indigenous Australians - foundations for Indigenous welfare reform 

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The Australian Government is committed to reducing passive welfare, which has had a major negative impact on social and economic development in many Indigenous communities.

In partnership with the Hope Vale community in Cape York the Government will lay the foundations for welfare reform through combinations of stronger obligations on residents and incentives that encourage civic and individual responsibility.

The measure aims to establish an economic base and change behaviour in the community by strengthening obligations under normal public housing tenancy arrangements, improving the condition of existing houses and introducing home ownership in Hope Vale.

New tenancy agreements will be negotiated with residents and they will participate in financial income management and commit to satisfactory maintenance of houses and yards.

The Australian Government will provide funding for home improvements, financial income management, development and servicing of house lots for home ownership on freehold land and the establishment of a business precinct in Hope Vale.





This initiative is consistent with other programs that aim to address passive welfare, the reformed Community Development Employment Projects scheme, removal of the remote area exemption, from the income support activity test and the Family Income Management program.





The agreement will be for an initial 2 year period commencing in 2006-07.


Total Government Funding:



The Australian Government will commit $10 million in 2006-07 from existing resources in the Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs portfolio, with additional funding available from Indigenous Business Australia through its home ownership program.


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