A Better Future for Indigenous Australians - accommodation support for education and health 

What's New?

The Government will provide funding to build and operate a number of accommodation facilities for Indigenous people.
These facilities are:

  • A 40 bed secondary student accommodation hostel in Kununurra, Western Australia;
  • A 45-bed aged care nursing home in Kenwick, Western Australia; and,
  • Two new renal dialysis hostels in Queensland and the Northern Territory (number of beds and locations to be determined).

Boarding hostels situated near regional secondary schools will be built in partnership with the private sector (particularly the mining industry), the Indigenous Land Corporation and State and Territory and private education systems.

The Kununurra Hostel will allow Indigenous students to continue their education within reasonable and affordable visiting distance of their families. The aged care nursing home will provide residents with access to on-going care in a culturally appropriate and affordable environment. There is currently no other Indigenous aged care accommodation in Perth.

The renal dialysis hostels will be located in close proximity to renal dialysis units and provide suitable accommodation and support for patients (i.e. diet, safe and hygienic environment, transport, personal care and assistance with lifestyle) requiring treatment. This will improve access to essential health care for Indigenous people with advanced renal disease.


The new hostels will be built in 2007-08 and providing services from July 2008.

Total Government Funding:

$29.0 million over four years, including capital of $21.3 million.

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