Strengthening Indigenous Communities - reducing substance abuse (petrol sniffing) 

What's New?

Funding will be provided to assist Indigenous families and communities deal with the causes and affects of substance abuse. The initiative aims to assist Indigenous communities by comprehensively addressing prevention, early intervention and treatment approaches to substance abuse.

Participating communities will be supported through tailored packages of intervention services including the provision of diversionary youth activities, family violence and relationships services. These services will link to and support other cross-portfolio initiatives targeting health, education and law and order.

This initiative is part of a cross-portfolio measure involving the Departments of Health and Ageing, Education Science and Training, Attorney General's and Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.


This funding will supplement the commitment made by Government for the central desert region in September 2005, and provide for the progressive implementation of the eight point plan into regions where substance abuse has been identified as a high priority.


January 2007.

Total Government Funding

$15.0 million over four years.

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