Strengthening Indigenous Communities - Indigenous community leadership 

What's New?

This measure will provide leadership training and support to 470 emerging Indigenous leaders, including young people. Other Indigenous people will benefit by attending programs to be run by the new leaders.

Governance and leadership support will be provided to 10 women's organisations and funds will be provided for research into the most effective delivery of Indigenous leadership development programs.

Facilitators and trainers will be contracted to assist Indigenous communities to negotiate shared responsibility agreements with governments.


Effective leadership is essential for the well-being of Indigenous Australians.

Since 2004 the Australian Government has funded the Indigenous Women's Development Programme. The program has delivered leadership training to 140 women. This measure will expand the program to men and young people, as well as provide additional support and development opportunities for Indigenous women.

The Government has signed 153 Shared Responsibility Agreements with 123 Indigenous communities. These are mostly small single issue agreements. The Government wants to build on this by working with local communities to develop more comprehensive and strategic agreements. The measure will allow communities to get outside assistance to help them identify priorities, develop local solutions and negotiate and implement more comprehensive agreements.


1 July 2006.

Total Government Funding

$23.0 million over four years.

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