Strengthening Indigenous Communities - Family and Community Networks Initiative - continue fundingĀ 

What's New?

This measure continues funding for the Family and Community Network Initiative (FCNI), which is due to lapse in June 2006.

Indigenous families will be provided with strategies, skills and support to address the circumstances leading to the relationship breakdown, conflict, anti-social behaviour and substance abuse occurring in their communities.

Critical projects will be funded that are designed to help families develop solutions to problems, regain control of their own development, maximise their participation in society and move toward long term resilience and self-reliance.

Organisations with expertise in building relationships, governance and small-scale economies will be funded to work in partnership with families and communities to support innovative local strategies and whole of government objectives.


This measure extends funding for the 1998-99 Budget measure Improving Services for Families through enhancement of Family and Community Networks.
A recent review found projects funded through FCNI had significant social impacts in the local communities in which they had been implemented. Improved partnerships and networks, a reduction in crime and increases in self-esteem were all reported as positive impacts of FCNI projects.


1 July 2006.

Total Government Funding

$10.7 million over four years

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