Social Security Appeals Tribunal (SSAT) recruitment 

What's New?

This measure establishes a training program for potential members of the SSAT who have been identified as being suitable for appointment if they are assisted by targeted training and development.


The SSAT recruits new members for its tribunals on a regular basis. A number of potential members would be desirable members of the SSAT but they do not have the requisite training in administrative law. The training to be provided to potential members would assist such people to gain a better understanding of the processes and principles of administrative review and the operations and responsibilities of the SSAT. The training would ensure that potential members have an understanding of the objectives and powers of the SSAT as set out under the Social Security (Administration) Act 1999.

This training would provide for a greater diversity of membership in the SSAT, ensuring that it more closely reflects the diversity of the Australian community.

This is a cross-portfolio measure with the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.


1 July 2006.

Total Financial Impact on FaCSIA

$0.9 million over four years.

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