Social and community impact recovery incident facility - establishment 

What's New?

From 1 July 2006, FaCSIA will be funded to provide and manage a new social and community impact recovery incident facility for use by the Australian Government Disaster Recovery Committee and/or FaCSIA following onshore or offshore disasters.


The Incident Facility is part of a package introduced to streamline Australian Government Disaster Recovery Arrangements. It will ensure more consistent and coordinated support and assistance is provided to Australians in times of crisis. Under the new arrangements, FaCSIA has responsibility for coordinating the Australian Government's social and community recovery assistance for onshore and offshore disasters.

Providing the social and community impact recovery incident facility will:

  • ensure that a fully equipped and functional facility from which to base disaster recovery operations is available and can be activated immediately when a disaster occurs;
  • provide a minimum of staff both to support the Government's initial recovery response and provide back-up to relieve staff in the longer term;
  • guarantee office accommodation is available on a longer-term basis where disasters require a sustained whole-of-government coordination and assistance effort; and
  • ensure the Australian Government can manage disaster recovery coordination efficiently and effectively.


1 July 2006

Total Financial Impact on FaCSIA

$2.0 million over four years.

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