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What's New?

The Government will provide additional funding over three years for Nonprofit Australia Pty Ltd (NPA) to continue its role in building the capacity of the not-for-profit sector. The additional funding will allow NPA to focus on identifying and addressing the major drivers of inefficiency in non-profit organisations, and on improving the business knowledge and capabilities of non-profit executives.

NPA will improve the viability of non-profit organisations who provide such a valuable contribution to the Australian Community.


In 2004-05, NPA received funding of $500,000 for its first year of operation and $350,000 for its second year, (2005-06).

Funding was provided for NPA to assist the non-profit sector, comprising community, cultural and environmental organisations, to become more efficient and effective, by addressing five strategic priorities:

  1. increasing the capabilities of non-profit leadership teams and Board members;
  2. improving the financial capacity in the sector;
  3. reducing operating costs of non-profit organisations;
  4. improving the quality and transparency of nonprofit organisations; and
  5. stimulating collaboration across the sector.


1 July 2006

Total Government Funding

$1.5 million (2006-07 to 2008-09).

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