Fraud and Compliance - continuation of accelerated claimant matching detecting incorrect rent assistance 

What's New?

The measure continues part of the successful 2002-03 Budget initiative Compliance Package - Prevention and Detection, introduced by the Government to increase the number of accelerated claimant matching rent assistance reviews.

This measure compares information provided by customers against other information held by Centrelink about these people or people they may share accommodation with. When a discrepancy is identified, a customer review is triggered. This starts an investigation into why the possible discrepancy exists.

The measure ensures that targeted detection of incorrect payments will continue and incorrect claims of Rent Assistance can continue to be identified.


This measure forms part of the overall compliance framework to prevent, detect and recover incorrect payments and fraud. It continues arrangements that have been in place since the 2002-03 Budget.


1 July 2006

Total Government Funding

$14.2 million over four years.

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