Carer Allowance (child) - addition to the lists of recognised disabilities 

What's New?

This measure will add Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 to the Carer Allowance (Child) Lists of Recognised Disabilities. This change will benefit customers and medical practitioners by making it easier for people caring for children under the age of 10 years with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1, to be fast-tracked to receive Carer Allowance.


The Lists of Recognised Disabilities were introduced in July 1998 and are used in the assessment of eligibility for Carer Allowance for carers of children under 16 years of age with a disability or medical condition. The Lists identify conditions (disability and medical) that fast-track eligibility for Carer Allowance.

If the child does not have a disability or medical condition on the Lists of Recognised Disabilities, a carer may still be eligible for Carer Allowance if the child is assessed and qualifies using the Child Disability Assessment Tool.

The Lists of Recognised Disabilities are reviewed periodically to ensure their continued effectiveness.


1 October 2006.

Total Government Funding

$3.4 million over four years.

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