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Women's Safety Agenda 

What's New?



The Australian Government's Women's Safety Agenda will continue our strong commitment to the elimination of domestic violence and sexual assault. The measure will include:


  • Re-running the successful national Violence Against Women. Australia Says No campaign

    This national multimedia campaign will build on the success of the 2004 campaign and will increase community awareness of the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault. Through a 24-hour help line, the campaign will provide practical assistance to those experiencing violence, to friends and family who want to know what they can do to help and assistance to those wanting to change their violent behaviour.
  • Continued funding for the Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse and the Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault

    These national resource centres will continue to provide central points for the collection and dissemination of Australian domestic and family violence and sexual assault policy, practice and research.
  • Research projects on domestic violence and sexual assault

    This element will fund research and pilot projects concerning domestic violence and sexual assault in the Australian community. It will enhance previously developed research and good practice.
  • Training for nurses in regional and rural areas

    Practice nurses in regional and rural areas will receive training to assist them to identify and respond to domestic violence and doctors will receive assistance to release the nurses for this training. This will give people in regional areas access to a personal and confidential referral service.
  • Training for the criminal justice sector on sexual assault

    This element will develop training for the legal sector to ensure that it is attuned to the sensitivities that accompany women's experiences of sexual assault. Research has highlighted the important role of the criminal justice sector in determining whether a victim of sexual assault proceeds through the legal system.
  • Dedicated resource at the Australian Institute of Criminology

    This will continue the valuable research program on various aspects of sexual assault.
  • Mensline

    This funding recognises the demand on Mensline's services that will be generated through the re-running of the Violence Against Women. Australia Says No campaign and will provide counsellors at Mensline with training and materials on domestic violence.




The Women's Safety Agenda delivers on the Government's election commitment to continue to take a lead role in eliminating domestic violence and sexual assault in the Australian community. The Women's Safety Agenda addresses four broad themes - prevention, health, justice and services. Together they aim to decrease the impacts of domestic violence and sexual assault upon the community by building on the achievements of the Partnerships Against Domestic Violence initiative and the National Initiative to Combat Sexual Assault, increasing attention on preventing violence and early intervention and support for those affected by violence.





1 July 2005.


Total Government Funding



$75.7 million over four years.


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