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The Government will extend the Transition to Independent Living Allowance (TILA) for a further four years and expand the eligibility criteria.

TILA assists young people to make the transition from state-supported care to independent living. The expansion of the eligibility criteria will increase the take-up of TILA and provide assistance to more young people.

The continuation of TILA and the expansion of the eligibility criteria demonstrates the Government's commitment to young people who are exiting care. These young people are at a high risk of becoming disconnected from participation in education, employment and/or the community.





TILA was announced in the 2001-02 Budget as a response to the Prime Minister's Youth Pathways Action Plan Taskforce report Footprints to the Future. The report recommended that the Australian Government fund a one-off allowance to young people leaving state or territory supported care, to alleviate the strain associated with accessing private accommodation, education and/or employment.

TILA is administered through non-government agencies in each state and territory to assist young people aged between 15 and 25 years who have left or are leaving care to make the transition to independent living. Up to $1,000 in goods or services can be accessed on behalf of these young people by a range of non-government organisations. TILA complements other programs or support services for these young people and may be used when other programs and support services have been exhausted.





1 July 2005.


Total Government Funding



$10.6 million over four years.


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