Enhance Child Care Arrangements to Support Work Participation and Other Measures 

What's New?

The Government is implementing a package of measures to support more Australians to move from welfare to work and to meet projected unmet demand over four years. The package includes funding for an additional 84,300 Outside School Hours Care, 2,500 Family Day Care and 1,000 In-Home Care places over four years. It will also include additional funding for the Jobs Education and Training (JET) Child Care Program to cover the out of pocket ('gap') costs of child care, as well as practical support to assist parents to return to the workforce as child care workers.

Two measures in the Employment and Workplace Relations portfolio, Increasing Participation of Parents and Increasing Participation of People with a Disability have financial impacts in the FaCS portfolio.


Further information can be found in the Treasurer's Welfare to Work Kit.


Over four years from 1 July 2005.

Total Financial Impact on FaCS

$342.8 million over four years.

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