Commonwealth Seniors Health Card Concessions - Withdraw Offer to State and Territory Governments 

What's New?

Offers to state and territory governments to extend pensioner concessions to Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) holders are to be withdrawn.


Since 2001 the Australian Government has been negotiating with state and territory governments to extend concessions to CSHC holders. Despite generous and repeated funding offers, most states and territories have continued to refuse the Government's offer.

The Australian Government implemented the Seniors Concession Allowance for CSHC holders in December 2004 rather than continuing to negotiate with state and territory governments without prospect of gains to CSHC holders. This payment of $200 per year for CSHC holders, which will cost the Government $333.7 million over five years, fully delivers on the Australian Government's commitment to provide funding towards concessions for CSHC holders.


1 July 2005.

Total Financial Impact

Net savings of $334.9 million over four years.

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