Age Pension and Service Pension Registers - Improved Integrity 

What's New?

The Government will improve the detection of incorrect payments and fraudulent claims by comparing the registers of customer details held by Centrelink and the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA). This will detect instances of customers incorrectly receiving payments from both Centrelink and DVA.

An initial comparison of the two registers will be followed by a daily exchange of new claim data between both agencies in order to prevent any future cases.


Multiple entitlement exclusion provisions in the Social Security Law and Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986 specifically prevent payment of Age Pension and Service Pension to the same person. Some customers misunderstand their entitlements and incorrectly claim both payments. This measure will help detect these cases and will build on existing compliance and customer service links between Centrelink and DVA.


1 July 2005.

Total Financial Impact

Net savings of $33.0 million over five years (including $0.2 million in 2004-05).

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