Addressing Indigenous Needs - Healthy Indigenous Housing - Continuation 

What's New?



This measure maintains the real value and improves the effectiveness of the Australian Government's Indigenous housing investments. The funding will support a number of 'healthy housing' initiatives and further consolidate the Government's targeting of community housing needs in rural and remote communities. The focus of the measure will:


  • encourage reform of Indigenous community housing through improved governance and asset and tenancy management practices;
  • based on the principles of 'shared responsibility' and building capacity in local communities, continue a program of involving Indigenous households and communities in assessing and repairing up to 500 of their own houses per year in around 15 communities; and
  • continue to deliver Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Programme (AACAP) projects in at least one community per year as a positive demonstration of practical reconciliation.




The measure further supports joint Australian and State and Territory government efforts to improve the viability and sustainability of Indigenous community housing organisations and the quality of Indigenous housing.

It builds on previous initiatives through a stronger focus on developing capacity and a shared responsibility between communities and government for the management and delivery of housing and related infrastructure.

The measure implements the Government's election commitment of 'further reducing the level of overcrowding in housing and improving associated infrastructure'.





1 July 2005.


Total Government Funding



$102.8 million over four years.


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