Voluntary Work Initiative - Continuation of Funding 

What's New?

The Voluntary Work Initiative (VWI) will be funded for a further four years.

The VWI assists the take-up, and improves the effectiveness, of voluntary work among income support customers of working age. This includes increasing numbers of people aged over 50 receiving Newstart Allowance.


The VWI was established in September 1997. It now supports Australians Working Together (AWT) measures from the 2001–02 Budget and provides participation opportunities for income support customers.

The VWI provides referral and placement services for income support customers who wish to volunteer as part of their participation activities. A recent review of the VWI found the program was highly effective in providing quality volunteering opportunities for income support customers.

Volunteer management training is provided for organisations (particularly in regional and remote areas) and potential volunteers can also access training so they better understand their role and contribution.


1 July 2004.

Total Government Funding

$7.2 million over four years.

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