Sugar Industry Reform Programme 2004 - Crisis Counselling 

What's New?

As part of the Government's package of assistance to sugar cane farmers, announced on 29 April 2004, the Government will provide $5 million over five years for crisis counselling services for families and individuals in the sugar cane industry.

This investment in counselling services will increase the capacity of existing financial counselling and family support services in sugar growing regions so that they can respond flexibly to client needs in local communities.

The measure will allow more than 9,000 people over five years, from the sugar cane industry to access financial counselling and family support services through the Commonwealth Financial Counselling Program and the Family Relationships Services Program.


The services will be delivered through the Commonwealth Financial Counselling Program and Family Relationships Services Program. These are established Government programs with substantial experience and expertise in providing financial counselling and family support services across Australia.

The Commonwealth Financial Counselling Program includes 43 community organisations that provide financial counselling services in 47 locations throughout rural, regional and metropolitan Australia. These services will be able to assist individuals and families in the sugar cane industry by providing crucial information and support such as helping in the development of budgets and advocating with creditors on behalf of clients.

The Family Relationships Services Program includes more than 100 organisations operating family support services in approximately 350 outlets across Australia. These support services work alongside families, providing counselling and education to assist them in managing relationship difficulties and building stronger families.


April 2004.

Total Financial Impact on FaCS Portfolio

$5.0 million over five years.

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