Settlement Services for Migrants and Humanitarian Entrants - Family Relationships Services 

What's New?

The Government will provide funding for four years to provide family relationship support services to humanitarian entry families.

These services will be delivered through the Family Relationships Services Program, a national program of more than 100 community organisations that provides relationship support to families across Australia.

The services will be located in areas with significant numbers of humanitarian entry families and will feature a whole of family approach. Assistance will include family relationship counselling, adolescent mediation and family therapy, men and family relationships services, and specialised family violence services.


This measure forms part of the Government response to the Report of the Review of Settlement Services for Migrants and Humanitarian Entrants. This report, released in May 2003, focused on building on the effectiveness of current settlement programs and improving the responsiveness of mainstream agencies to migrant and humanitarian entrants.

Humanitarian entry families face a range of pressures that can undermine family stability. These include a lack of information and life skills within the context of Australian society, the loss of traditional family support structures and changing expectations in a new cultural setting. Investing in services for these families will support their capacity to participate more effectively in Australian society.


1 July 2004.

Total Government Funding

$5.2 million over four years.

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