National Illicit Drug Strategy - Additional Funding 

What's New?

The Government will provide funding to continue a range of measures addressing illicit drug use under the National Illicit Drug Strategy, including the Strengthening and Supporting Families Coping With Illicit Drug Use program.

The Strengthening and Supporting Families Coping With Illicit Drug Use program provides support, advice, information and referral and outreach services to families with members coping with, or at risk of, illicit drug use. The program provides opportunities for the development of stronger links between families, education, employment and the community. The program will be directly administered through non-government and community organisations.

This is a cross-portfolio measure between the Department of Health and Ageing, the former Department of Family and Community Services and the Department of the Attorney General.


The program is a family-focused, early intervention element of the Australian Government's wider National Illicit Drug Strategy, Tough on Drugs.

An evaluation of the program has shown benefits in a range of areas including enhancing the emotional wellbeing of families, improving communication within families and ultimately reducing or preventing drug abuse.


1 July 2004.

Total Financial Impact on FaCS Portfolio

$13.6 million over four years.

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