Family Assistance - Additional Playgroup Services 

What's New?

In December 2003, the Government announced additional funding for a significant expansion of playgroup services. The funding will establish and support around 4,000 more mainstream playgroups with some new services already operating and over 200 more supported and intensive support playgroups.

Playgroup Associations in each state and territory will receive additional funding for administrative support and operational costs to deliver mainstream playgroups.

Supported and intensive support playgroups will be targeted to disadvantaged families with children in areas of need and will be managed at the local level by community organisations.

This measure is expected to enable more than 30,000 additional children to access an appropriately designed playgroup.


The proposal builds on the current Government funding provided to Playgroup Associations each year to enable them to establish and support playgroups.

Playgroups are community based initiatives involving parents, carers and their children under school age, meeting together regularly to share experiences and help their children learn through playing.

Around 92,000 families currently access about 8,100 self-managed playgroups, and around 80 children access eight intensive support playgroups that provide additional support to disadvantaged families with children at risk.


1 January 2004 – Additional funding for mainstream playgroups.
1 July 2004 – Additional funding for supported and intensive support playgroups.

Total Government Funding

$14.9 million over five years.

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