Family Assistance - Additional Outside School Hours Care Places 

What's New?

The Government will increase the number of Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) places by a total of 40,000 in 2004. This increase includes 10,000 places that were allocated to existing services in January 2004.

An additional 30,000 places will be allocated, primarily to new OSHC services, from 1 July 2004. Funding provided under this measure will enable Child Care Benefit to be paid to eligible parents, and provide establishment funding for new services in areas with demonstrated demand.


There is strong demand for affordable, high quality, and accessible child care programs. Access to quality child care helps parents to participate in employment, training, or community activities, and to better balance their work and family responsibilities.

OSHC provides quality care for school children before and after school, on pupil free days and during school holidays.


1 January 2004 – 10,000 places.
1 July 2004 – 30,000 places.

Total Government Funding

$125.6 million over five years.

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