Compliance - Parenting Payment (Single) - Relationship Status Reviews 

What's New?

Centrelink will undertake 20,000 face-to-face interviews each year for Parenting Payment (Single) customers who report a change of address. The interviews will verify the relationship status of customers and ensure that they meet their ongoing obligation to notify Centrelink of changes in their circumstances. The interviews will target customers reporting a change of address whose characteristics indicate that they are at risk of being paid incorrectly.


There is increasing concern about recipients of income support who fail to disclose marriage-like relationships. Community expectation is that couples in a marriage-like relationship should support each other financially before calling on taxpayer funded resources.

This measure will compliment other review measures already in place and will help to minimise fraud, reduce income support spending and protect taxpayer's interests by ensuring that welfare payments go to those most in need.


1 July 2005.

Total Financial Impact

Net saving of $4.1 million over four years.

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