Compliance - 'Keeping the System Fair' Education Campaign 

What's New?

Funding for the development and implementation of a national multi-media education campaign will be provided to encourage income support recipients to voluntarily notify Centrelink of changes in their circumstances.

The measure is expected to generate gross savings in social welfare payments of $271.3 million over four years. Around 100,000 customers per year will report changes in their circumstances that could affect their entitlement to income support payments. This will save these customers from possible overpayments. It is expected that a further 15,000 tip-offs from the public will be received each year as a result of the campaign.


The measure builds on the 2002 campaign 'Support the System that Supports You'. Research showed that the 2002 campaign 'Support the System that Supports You' had a positive impact on awareness, attitudes and behaviours, leading to greater numbers of Centrelink customers voluntarily advising changes in their circumstances, and protecting themselves from being overpaid.


1 July 2004.

Total Financial Impact

Net saving of $214.9 million over four years.

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