Child Support Agency - New Funding Agreement 

What's New?

This measure provides departmental funding under a new funding agreement to enable the Child Support Agency (CSA) to continue delivering services to separated parents.


The existing CSA funding agreement commenced on 1 July 2000 and expires on 30 June 2004. This measure provides funding for the next four years.

The new funding agreement takes into account caseload growth and increased case complexity and delivers efficiencies to the Budget. By helping separated parents to become more self-reliant and independent, the cost per case will decrease from $340 in 2004, to $322 in 2008.

Fifty-one per cent of parents currently have an annual assessment of Child Support and transfer monthly payments privately. This measure will raise the number of parents making private transfers of child support to 55 per cent by 2008.


1 July 2004.

Total Government Funding

$51.0 million over four years.

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