Carers - Payment of One-Off Carer Bonus 

What's New?

The Government will provide $255 million in 2003–04 for a one-off lump sum payment to eligible carers.
In June 2004:

  • A payment of $1,000 will be made to carers in receipt of Carer Payment.
  • Recipients of Carer Allowance will receive a payment of $600.


These payments are being made in recognition of the contribution of people who provide substantial care for a person with a disability or the frail aged.

Carer Payment is an income tested income support payment paid to a person with limited other income who provides constant care for someone with a disability.

Carer Allowance is not income tested and is an income supplement paid to people who live with, and provide daily care and attention to, a person (including children) with a disability.


June 2004.

Total Government Funding

$255 million in 2003–04.

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