Carer Allowance - Expand Eligibility Criteria 

What's New?

Expanded eligibility criteria will offer an additional way for carers to qualify for Carer Allowance. Where carers do not live with the person for whom they provide care, carers who provide substantial levels of personal care on a daily basis will now be able to access Carer Allowance.

This measure recognises the diversity of caring arrangements. It acknowledges that people with disabilities or severe medical conditions have a right to live and be supported in the home of their choice. It also recognises that it may not be appropriate or necessary for a carer to live with the care receiver.

Around 13,270 carers are expected to benefit from this measure.


Carer Allowance is a payment available to carers who provide daily care and attention for a person with a disability, severe medical condition, or who is frail aged. The current eligibility criteria requires the carer and care receiver to live in the same private home. This will no longer be the case.

Under this measure, carers will still need to meet the remaining eligibility criteria for Carer Allowance. If they do not reside with the care receiver, they will also need to be providing a minimum of 20 hours per week of personal care. The recipient of the care must be assessed as needing that level of care. The level of personal care is assessed using the Adult Disability Assessment Tool. The carer and an approved health professional both provide information to enable Centrelink to assess eligibility.


1 April 2005.

Total Government Funding

$106.9 million over four years.

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