Auslan Interpreting Services - Enhanced Access 

What's New?

The Government will provide funding for the establishment of a central unit to book and pay for accredited Auslan interpreters. Deaf people, doctors and health professionals who require Auslan interpreters for specified private medical or health consultations will be able to contact the unit to book an interpreter on a fee-free basis.

An estimated 6,500 deaf Auslan users will have access to this service.


Accredited Auslan interpreters help deaf and hearing people to communicate, making services more accessible and enhancing the independence of deaf Auslan users.

A national study on the supply and demand for Auslan interpreting services, completed in January 2004, showed that around two-thirds of deaf Auslan users who required an interpreter at private medical and health consultations were not always successful in obtaining this resource. The Government's national Auslan interpreter booking service will help address this issue by providing access to Auslan interpreters free of charge for specified private medical and health consultations. This measure will help the estimated 6,500 deaf Australians who use Auslan.


1 January 2005.

Total Government Funding

$18.4 million over four years.

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