M. Social Security Act 1991 - Further Legislative Simplification





1 July 2004 and ongoing.

What's New

The Government will continue its commitment to simplify and improve the social security law that underpins the social welfare safety net. Improvements will include reducing unnecessary duplication, addressing technical errors and anomalies, and discontinuing the use of a unique numbering system that makes Chapter 3 of the Social Security Act 1991 unnecessarily lengthy and confusing.

In particular, the measure will reduce the number of rate payment calculators and develop a simpler approach to the legislative provisions dealing with rent assistance. These aspects will not involve any policy changes.

The measure includes two further components that address minor inequities or inconsistencies between payment types:
  • Adopting a number of youth allowance rate calculator definitions for the Disability Support Pension (DSP) rate calculator provisions that relate to recipients who are under 21, to remove anomalies and inequities. A small number (under 100) of young Disability Support Pension customers will have their rate of payment increased; and
  • Clarifying the payments recoverable when customers receive economic loss compensation payments. The change will only affect customers who receive a compensation claim after the implementation date.


The government is committed to an ongoing simplification program for the social security law. The development of the Social Security (Administration) Act 1999, gave effect to its 1996 election commitment to implement a simpler and more coherent social security system. The measure also gives effect to the recommendations of the Guilfoyle Report to review the operation of the social security law.

Total Government Funding: Net save of $2.2 million over four years 


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