L. National Illicit Drug Strategy

Strengthening and Supporting Families Coping with Illicit Drug Use


1 July 2003 to 30 June 2004.

What's New

The Strengthening and Supporting Families Coping with Illicit Drug Use measure of the National Illicit Drug Strategy has been extended for an additional year.

The measure will continue to provide additional support to families with young people coping with illicit drug use by developing new, or building on, existing projects to meet the needs of these families.


The 1999-2000 Budget announced the 'Strengthening and Supporting Families Coping with Illicit Drug Use' measure to support the families of young people who are coping with illicit drug use. The measure was part of the wider National Illicit Drug Strategy "Tough on Drugs" announced by the Council of Australian Governments.

The measure was introduced to address an identified need for support, education and other services for the families of young people coping with, or at risk of, illicit drug use.

Under the measure, projects have been developed in a targeted manner to meet specific needs of families living in a particular State or Territory. As a result, a wide variety of projects have been implemented Australia-wide including culturally and Indigenous focussed support services.

These projects have the capacity to reduce demand through education, information and early intervention among populations at risk of illicit drug use, focusing particularly on the family structure and members. As such, they interface with the education and early intervention strategies being undertaken in many schools and those enacted through the criminal justice system.

Total Government Funding: $3.2 million for one year


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