K. Holocaust Payments - Extension of Means Test Exemptions


13 May 2003 and ongoing.

What's New

All restitution payments made to Holocaust victims, regardless of the country of origin of the payment, are to be exempt from social security income testing. The measure broadens the social security and veteran's affairs income test exemption for restitution payments paid in respect of victims of Nazi persecution.


Previously, Holocaust restitution payments were exempt if paid by the German or Austrian Governments, while periodical restitution payments paid by all other governments were assessable under the income test.
Since the exemptions for payments paid by the German and Austrian Governments were enacted in 1987 and 1989 respectively, the number of countries paying Holocaust payments has grown and now includes France and The Netherlands. The measure will broaden the exemption to cover payments made by these countries.

Total Government Funding: $0.6 million over four years


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