J. Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey - Extended Funding


1 July 2003.

What's New

The Government will provide funding to extend the HILDA survey for a fourth round of data collection. The HILDA survey is currently funded to collect information over three years on income, labour force activity and family relationships from the same sample of Australian households.

The additional year of data collection will allow policy makers and researchers to examine how and why people's behaviour changes as their social, economic and personal circumstances change.


The HILDA survey commenced collecting data from 7,700 Australian households (14,000 people) in 2001. The first round of data was released to approved researchers in 2002. Using that data, a large number of research papers were presented at the 2003 HILDA conference on topics such as housing leverage, unemployment spells, transitions of young people and life satisfaction.

The second wave of data collection occurred in 2002, with an estimated 11,900 interviews conducted with people who were interviewed in the first round of data collection, plus 1,000 interviews with other people from these households. Data from the second round is expected to be available in December 2003. The third round of data collection will commence in August 2003.

The HILDA survey is Australia's first national longitudinal survey of the population. Information collected in the survey includes labour force status and history, current and financial year income, wealth, family relationships, child care, health status, financial stress, housing, education, retirement intentions and work/family attitudes.

Total Government Funding: $3.5 million over three years


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