F. Pensioner Education Supplement - Matching payments to study periods


1 January 2004 and ongoing.

What's New

Payment of the Pensioner Education Supplement will be limited to periods of actual study. From 1 January 2004, the supplement will no longer be paid during extended breaks between periods of study.

Students participating in full year or longer courses will be paid over the academic year including the mid year break(s) but excluding the long summer break. Students participating in shorter courses will be paid for the duration of the courses and not over breaks between courses. For courses without defined study periods, such as those offered through Open Learning, payment of the supplement will be deemed based on arrangements for mainstream courses.


Through ensuring customers are paid only during periods of actual study, this change will make the supplement fairer and more equitable. The Government will continue to provide support to working age pensioners who want to study to improve their employment prospects.

Total Government Funding: Net saving of $39.3 million over four years 

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