B. Support for Young People with Disabilities

B1. Special Needs Subsidy Scheme - Additional Funding


1 July 2003 and ongoing.

What's New

The Government will provide funding for an additional 1,250 mainstream child care places for children with ongoing high support needs, including those with a disability. The extra places will meet the current unmet demand for these places.

The additional funding provided through the Special Needs Subsidy Scheme will allow child care services to employ additional child care workers to assist with the successful inclusion of children with high ongoing support needs.


The Special Needs Subsidy Scheme (SNSS) is a program that nurtures children's development and supports families that want positive, developmentally appropriate environments and quality care for their children who have ongoing high support needs. Children that are participating in SNSS are regularly reviewed to ensure that they continue to be successfully included in the child care program.

More than 3,700 children with ongoing high support needs are already receiving support through SNSS to participate in mainstream child care. The injection of new funds will provide additional assistance for 1,250 additional children and their families.

Total Government Funding: $25.8m over four years

B2. Respite Support for Carers of Young People - Continuation of Funding


1 July 2003 and ongoing - subject to review by October 2006.

What's New

Funding for a further four years will continue the provision of respite care to the carers of young people with severe or profound disabilities. An estimated 7,200 carers per annum will continue to benefit from this measure.


The provision of respite care for the carers of young people was announced in the 1999-2000 Budget. The assistance helps those families with caring responsibility for young people with disabilities who have been unable to access existing state and territory government respite care or assistance provided under other Commonwealth initiatives.
The respite care assistance is delivered through the national network of Carer Respite Centres.

Total Government Funding: $22.2 million over four years

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