2003-04 Budget - What's New What's Different

A. Restructure the Disability Employment Assistance Program

  • A1. Disability Employment Assistance - Introduction of a Case Based Funding Model
  • A2. Disability Employment Assistance - Improved Viability of Business Services

B. Support for Young People with Disabilities

  • B1. Special Needs Subsidy Scheme - Additional Funding
  • B2. Respite Support for Carers of Young People - Continuation of Funding

C. Support for Indigenous People

  • C1. Expansion of Centrelink's Agent and Access Point Network
  • C2. Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children
  • C3. Continue Funding for Centre for Aboriginal Economic and Policy Research

D. Centrelink Service Delivery

  • D1. Enhanced Information Technology Capability
  • D2. Centrelink Rural Call Centres - Continuation of Funding

E. Extension of Programs

  • E1. Reconnect and Job Placement, Employment and Training
  • E2. Men and Family Relationships and Family Relationships Education Programs - Extended Funding

F. Pensioner Education Supplement - Matching payments to study periods

G. Reform of International Arrangements

  • G1. Assurance of Support Scheme - Improved Operation
  • G2. Temporary Overseas Absence Provisions - Reduction to 13 Weeks
  • G3. Social Security Agreement with Malta - Revised Agreement

H. Child Support Improvements

  • H1. Child Support Debt Collection - Additional Compliance Activity
  • H2. Support for Unemployed Parents

I. Compliance Package

  • I1. Identity Fraud - Improving and Increasing the Number of Investigations
  • I2. Parenting Payment - Enhanced Profiling Capacity to Ensure Correct Payment
  • I3. Compliance Reviews - Expand Data-Matching and Asset Reviews to Identify Incorrect Payments
  • I4. Compliance Reviews - Extend 2002–03 Data-Matching Pilot
  • I5. Research into Emerging Areas of Risks to the Social Security System
  • I6. Disability Support Pensions - Enhanced Reviews
  • I7. Youth and Student Assistance - Restructured Reviews
  • I8. Notification Arrangements for People Departing Australia and Consistent Treatment of Foreign Debt Recovery

J. Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey - Extended Funding

K. Holocaust Payments - Extension of Means Test Exemptions

L. National Illicit Drug Strategy - Strengthening and Supporting Families Coping with Illicit Drug Use

M. Social Security Act 1991 - Further Legislative Simplification


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