2002-03 Budget Quick Reference Card

Stronger Families and Communities

  • National Reciprocal Transport Concessions for State Seniors Card Holders [A1]
  • Extension of Funding to Support Family Relationships [A2]
  • Extension of the Family and Community Network Initiative [A3]
  • Revised Funding for the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy [A4]
  • Prime Minister's Community Business Partnership [A5]

Implementation of certain Australians Working Together Measures

  • Working Credit [B]
  • Community Business Engagement funding for Prime Minister's Community Business Partnership [B]
  • AWT Evaluation [B]
  • Additional Communication and Consultation [B]
  • Improved Information Technology [B]

Four International Agreements

  • Four New International Social Security Agreements [C]

Recognising and Improving the Work Capacity of People with a Disability

  • Improving Centrelink Assessments of Work Capacity with Re-training [D5]
  • Improving the Quality of Medical Assessments for Conditions Likely to Change [D6]
  • Keeping People with Capacity Better Engaged [D1]
  • Improving Assistance and Work Capacity [D2]
  • Recognising the Capacity of Mature Age People [D3]
  • Restricting Activity Test Exemptions for Newstart Allowance and Youth Allowance Recipients [D4]

Commonwealth State Territory Disability Agreement

  • Third Commonwealth State Territory Disability Agreement [E]

Compliance Package

  • Increased Rent Assistance Data- matching [F1]
  • Automated Youth Allowance Record Linking [F1]
  • Piloting the Widening of Data- matching Criteria [F1]
  • Random Sampling [F2]
  • Expansion of Tax File Declaration Forms [F1]
  • Whole-of-Government Cash Economy Compliance [F1]
  • Data-matching with The Netherlands [F2]
  • Customer Account [F1]
  • Nominee Arrangements [F1]

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