L. Unauthorised arrivals in Australia package: reducing the incentives for unauthorised arrivals


1 January 2001

What's New?

The measure will require Temporary Protection Visa (Subclass 785) holders who, from 1 January 2001, apply for Special Benefit and are of work-force age or are on Special Benefit and reach work-force age after that date to meet:

  • the activity test and other allowance conditions; and
  • strengthened review and compliance requirements.


The measure complements the Government's measures to address the issue of unauthorised arrivals.

The specific aims of this measure as a part of the overall package are to:

  • Encourage social and economic participation by treating Temporary Protection Visa holders of work-force age in a similar way to Australian nationals of work-force age by requiring them to be self-reliant and to fulfil a mutual obligation to the Australian community; and
  • Reinforce community support for the humanitarian immigration program and the treatment of these refugees. 


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