Building a new life in Australia

Bashar Kujah and family visiting a wildlife park in Perth.

When the Kujah family landed at Perth airport on 16 November 2015 they were the first to settle in Australia as part of our additional intake of 12,000 refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria and Iraq.

Bashar Kujah said his family was sad to leave relatives and friends in Syria but he looked forward to the opportunities Australia would bring to his five children.

“We had to remind ourselves every day that leaving was the only way we could secure a saferlife for our children,” he said.

Bashar said their Humanitarian Settlement Services provider, Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre, looked after his family from the moment they arrived at the airport.

“And since then we have worked with our case coordinator and staff from a number of organisations,” he said.

“They have helped us in our settlement journey including finding a house, helping the children enrol in school and learning English.”

Bashar attends Adult Migrant English Program classes in Mirrabooka. Once his English has improved, he is looking forward to having the opportunity to work.

His two eldest children are attending primary school and intensive English lessons. Their teachers have been giving them glowing reports.

The Humanitarian Settlement Services program manages the successful settlement of refugees from all over the world, in keeping with Australia’s long tradition of resettling refugees and vulnerable people in need.

In the past year, there has been a strong focus on supporting the additional intake of refugees who have been displaced by conflicts in Syria and Iraq and who have the least prospect of ever returning safely to their homes.

See Chapter 2.2, Program 2.1 for more information.

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