An opportunity for every child

Local community leader, Roger Marshall.

The south Brisbane city of Logan has embarked on a whole-of-community initiative to give its children the best possible chances in life – ‘Logan Together’.

Logan is home to people from more than 215 different cultural backgrounds, and is a community long considered to be disadvantaged.

“Every child has potential. ‘Logan Together’ is about making sure every child in our city has the support, love and care they need, to realise their full potential, from birth through every stage to adulthood,” explained Roger Marshall, a local community leader.

A retired school teacher who migrated from the UK 30 years ago, Roger is one of several local community leaders involved in the grass roots movement which is supported by our Department.

‘Logan Together’has the potential to radically change outcomes for our community and it’s the way we are going about it which is as important as what we are aiming to do,” he said.

Community and religious leaders and senior executives from all levels of government sit with mums, dads and school principals to help coordinate efforts in Logan across the social services, health and education systems.

They pool local resources and expertise to ensure practical on-the-ground support at crucial developmental stages of children’s lives – helping families with newborn babies, devising programs to assist with behaviour problems in school and stepping in to improve literacy.

“In many ways it’s a simple idea to pool resources and point them all in the same direction,”

Roger said. “But it’s the way ‘Logan Together’ is bringing stakeholders together to make a collective impact that is the most powerful thing.”

“We have a special thing going here – it’s great to be part of it.”

Staff from the Queensland State Office are working closely with the community to support ‘Logan Together’.

See Chapter 2.2, Program 2.1 for more information.

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