Chief Executive Certification – DisabilityCare Campaign

I certify that the DisabilityCare Australia campaign complies with the Guidelines on Information and Advertising Campaigns by Australian Government Departments and Agencies (Guidelines).

This certification takes into consideration the Report of the Independent Communications Committee, dated 13 June 2013, which indicates the DisabilityCare Australia campaign, in its view, complies with principles 1 to 4 of the Guidelines.

This report notes the Committee expressed concern that running the proposed national campaign in Western Australia may not fully comply with Principle 4 of the Guidelines, and considers that the need to run the proposed campaign advertising in Western Australia at this time requires a specific and strong justification given there is not currently a negotiated agreement to co-fund and implement DisabilityCare in that state.

My certification has been informed by the specific rationale that DisabilityCare Australia will touch the lives of all Australians who will contribute to the funding of the scheme through the Medicare levy.

In addition, the Council of Australian Governments reaffirmed its ongoing commitment to a national disability insurance scheme, and all First Ministers (including the West Australian Premier) signed an Intergovernmental Agreement for the launch of DisabilityCare Australia. This agreement provided the foundation for all governments to work together to develop and implement the initial phase of DisabilityCare Australia.

I am satisfied that the advertisements effectively manage expectations around who will be eligible for launch, and which states have agreed to implement full scheme.

My certification has also been informed by advice and evidence of compliance with the Guidelines provided by officers within FaHCSIA with responsibility for the design, development and implementation of the DisabilityCare Australia campaign.

I certify compliance with relevant legal and procurement matters relating to the presentation and delivery of the campaign (principle 5 of the Guidelines).

Finn Pratt
Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
13 June 2013

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