Protecting Australia’s children research Audit

6 Sep 2011 - 10:00

This Audit, jointly funded by the Commonwealth and state and territory governments was conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies and the Social Policy Research Centre. The audit was specifically undertaken to identify what research had been done within Australia, and to help identify those research areas for which an evidence base is needed to fill a high priority gap in policy or practice knowledge.

A broad scope of topics is covered, ranging from universal preventative initiatives through to statutory child protection and out-of-home care and reflects the six supporting outcomes in the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009-2020.

It identifies research projects (published and unpublished) undertaken in Australia between 1995-2010 on topics relating to the protection of children and also identifies gaps, duplication and areas for development and priorities for future research and data collection.

A total of 1359 research projects that met the audit criteria were identified. Just over half addressed issues specifically relating to child abuse and neglect and just over a quarter related to out-of-home care.

The Audit report is available online from the Australian Institute of Family Studies website at

Projects identified through this audit are also available publicly via an online database and register that enables users to keep up to date with the latest research.

The online register is available at:

The Audit was recommended by researchers and practitioners as an essential component in the National Research Agenda for Protecting Children, which is being developed jointly by Commonwealth and state and territory governments and the non-government sector, to identify future research priorities, increase research utilisation, and avoid duplication and unnecessary investments.

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